I decided to make a little challenge to the Pen or Project creating members of CodePen:

After you code a Pen or a Project, pick one part of the code you can explain and write a post about it.

Even though I've written a few, I understand how intimidating it can be to get started on a long tutorial-type blog post. If you just had to write 200 words explaining something small to someone else, what would those words be?

Why write a Post?

You may have no aspirations of becoming a well known blogger, or the next author on CSS Tricks. A key skill of a Senior Designer or Developer is to be able to adequately communicate their ideas via spoken and written communication. Being able to write well about technical subjects will set you apart from your peers, whether you're looking for your first role, or your sixth. The only way we can get better at writing is with practice, so why not practice by explaining something you understand, because you made it - your CodePen creation!

Share your response to the challenge

If you've written a Post, share the link with me by tweeting it to me at @rachsmithtweets or you can email it in to rach@codepen.io. I'll add it to the Posts list here and it will maybe (probably) end up in our Picked Posts on CodePen.